A battery powered guitar amplifier that you’ll want to play through, even when you’re standing next to a power outlet.

Our 125W tube-driven guitar amplifier has three separately controlled channels, to give you shimmering cleans, meaty crunch, and a lead channel to bust through the wall of sound.

An effects loop connection allows you the choice of putting your pedal board in front of the pre-amp section, or after it.

Each channel has its own EQ, Gain, and Level adjustments, and they are selectable by footswitch.

Connect a combination of cabinets down to two ohms, so you can play everywhere from sidewalk busking with a little single driver, to a full stack onstage at Wembley.

You can play at high volume for 4 hours on a single charge, with up to 12 hours of play at moderate volumes. The onboard voltmeter and ammeter will let you know how the integrated lithium ion battery is holding up, as well as how little power you’re using to melt faces.