Dear Pull The Plug Audio,

After using your system for several bands at our annual Desert Jam and Campout, here are a few bits of feedback (no pun intended).

The sound of your mains was awe-inspiring. Seriously, I haven’t heard my piano sound that good through any system; it was the closest to what I hear in my mastering cans when I plug it in. Very epic in the canyon. smile emoticon

I was really impressed with how power-efficient the system is. We could have run that thing all weekend, no problem, and we barely dented the audio capacity. More than loud enough, I actually turned it down a bit as the night wore on. I had my Sony wireless guitar rig so I marched around the site a couple times during leads; got to hear the system in action while playing in front of it. Sounded great!

Having everything onstage run from DC would be optimum, of course. As for the keyboard, I did have to use AC but we could have used a third amp (in addition to your guitar and bass rigs) that’s general purpose. Maybe incorporate an inverter with that amp so a keyboardist/turntablist/etc. can plug their powered instrument into the amp itself and essentially be self-contained just like the stringed instruments.

The rig you sent is a prototype that requires a fair amount of setup. Once it gets more to a “plug and play” stage (including support hardware) I can see it being an attractive option for anyone that needs really good sound reinforcement that can operate miles from the grid.

-Todd South

Dear Mr. Humphreys,

We recently used one of your wonderful P.A. systems at our annual “Bash” at Pyramid Lake, NV, and really couldn’t be more pleased to have test driven this one-of-a-kind off-grid unit. We were in a weathered harsh environment and the test couldn’t be more of a challenge. The Pull the Plug audio system you provided made it through sand, wind, and rain (plus a couple drunk uncles).

The system was easy to hook up and easy to run. It’s lightweight (even the sub cabs), easy to pack, and seems durable. I liked some of the details that make a big difference, like using speakon with 1/4 inch hybrid jacks, and providing a footswitch for changing guitar amp channels.

What impressed me most was the sound clarity  (I walked to both ends of the beach while my uncles were holding it down and  the sound was clear more than 100 feet in-either direction).

I had to really nitpick to find a con, but it maybe would have been nice to have a little bit more head room on the sliders on the mini-mixer you sent with the system. For instance my uncle had a mandolin that we couldn’t quite get mixed.

I noticed that wire nuts were used for a battery/solar panel connection. I know this is a prototype but maybe for future trials, especially if you are not on site, more rigid connectors could be installed.

In closing I am very impressed with you and your partner’s invention. I have the feeling all the spectators and players were too. I received nothing but good feedback from the audience, they said things like “WOW that is really cool”….”Wow we could hear everything and everybody so well even way over there” I did not have one single complaint from a single player.  This system exceeded me and my fellow players expectations. It was the hit of the party and allowed us “Hacks” to play for two different nights for a total of over 6 hrs. with nothing but clear amplified sound. It was absolutely awesome that we didn’t have to try and drown out a generator, or get drowned out by one, or have to buy gas for one either. It was RAD that we did not have to play this party unplugged\acoustically, it can be rough with crowd noise or wind noise – this was a non- issue with your P.A. and it was GREAT.

I would love to talk more about maybe making a similar set up for me to purchase and use for many years to come.

Very Impressed,

Dylan Arnold