Pull The Plug Audio is committed to providing professional-quality sound systems and consumer products designed and optimized for off-grid applications. Through the combination of high-efficiency loudspeaker designs, state of the art amplifier circuits designed for DC power, modern lithium-ion battery technology, and strategic digital signal processing, our products will provide the ideal combination of audio performance and power management. We will make it possible to provide high-end sound reinforcement in applications usually requiring utility power or fuel-powered generators, without sacrificing sound quality or sound pressure levels expected of professional systems. We will make it possible for professional musicians, DJs, and hobbyists to perform in remote or inconvenient locations without compromising the sound and style on which their reputations depend. We will make it possible for artists and production companies to stage large or small music events more effectively using alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. We and our products will continue to evolve with the changing music and performance landscape, and with changing technologies that enable new possibilities.